Our Foundation


Decent was founded on the principles of education and service. We began as a monthly event geared towards teaching our local community about blockchain technology, and grew into something much more than that. Helping others to adapt to a decentralized world is the foundation of our business.

Software Development

The heart of decent was forged in the fires of the web. Together, we have deployed production software in over a dozen programming languages and on every platform imaginable. We bring our versatile expertise to play as we design decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Crowd Sales

Tokenization and crowd sales have become the financial battering ram to disrupt old systems through decentralization. At decent, we have architected the software for a multitude of crowd sales, and have access to vendors to provide legal and financial services around them.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are the fundamental building blocks of decentralized applications. At decent, we approach smart contract design with a desire to discover and promote best practices within this new programming paradigm.

Security Audits

In the world of blockchain, security is of paramount importance. decent not only produces smart contracts with a strong emphasis on testing and security, but also offers third-party audits and extensive security reporting on existing smart contracts and decentralized applications.


Decent’s background lies in the world of technology consulting, helping all kinds of businesses from startups to corporate behemoths of over 30,000 employees. Our core service is to gain an intimate understanding of a business and guide them to engineering success.


At decent, we commend those who wish to contribute hashpower to an existing blockchain. We have experience in the acquisition, construction, and automation of mining equipment.